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TERMSCompany information, terms and conditions, travel conditions

Company information, terms and conditions

Business scope Domestic and international travel (limited to order-made and arranged travel)
Registration No. Yamagata Prefecture Governor Registered Travel Agency No. 2-284
Date of registration 3 April 2017
Expiration date 3 April 2017 - 2 April 2022
Name DMC Tendo Onsen Corporation
Name of sales office Head office
Address of the sales office 1-3-38 Kamata, Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
Telephone and fax numbers 023-654-6699
Opening hours 9:00am-06:00pm
Comprehensive travel service supervisor Shinji Nagayama
Travel Terms and Conditions Click here for details of the Travel Terms and conditions
Name of travel agent association member Full member of the National Association of Travel Agents (ANTA)
Full member of Yamagata Prefecture Travel Agents Association

Travel conditions

Domestic organized tours Click here to view the travel conditions for domestic organised tours
Domestic arranged tours Click here to view the travel conditions for domestic arranged tours
Human resources development and worker dispatch services Various seminars / Study groups to improve language skills / Exchange of personnel with other DMOs and DMCs
System construction business Construction of overall web-based sales systems and system platforming
MICE and inbound reception projects Accommodation reservation desk / Land operator service / Excursion support / Multilingualisation of restaurants around the area
Information dissemination and consultancy services Development of new web strategies for tourism promotion, production of websites and dissemination of information
Outbound business Planning and implementation of various study tours, and building a two-way visitor attraction system