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Tonkatus Sanshuya

Tonkatus Sanshuya

The taste and size of tonkatsu to WOW tonkatsu lovers

Sanshuya……the volume is amazing. Just amazing.

Even men can be fully satisfied with a normal serving. And it’s not just about the quantity! It is made with Yamagat a Prefecture’s Shonai pork, and has a crispy crust and excellent flavour. Tonkatsu lovers will love it to bits!

Furthermore, each and every ingredient is carefully selected, such as the rice used, Tsuyahime. You can also have a heap of fresh cabbage.

If you’re like, “No, no, I can eat more”, then try the jumbo menu! Looking forward to your reaction when it is brought to your table.

A popular choice is the fin cutlet set meal. Thick yet light and refreshing. There are also rice bowls and Western-style dishes to choose from for you to enjoy.

It’s open all through the day and into the evening, so even if you miss lunch, Sanshuya is always ready to serve you!

Locals and visitors alike can come and enjoy the delicious Yamagata pork with tonkatsu. Empty your stomach and come to Sanshuya!

Address 2-8-28, Nukazuka, Tendo, Yamagata 994-0014, Japan
Opening hours Mon-Sun, public holidays 11:00am-09:30pm (L.O. 09:00pm)
Regular closing day Not fixed
TEL 023-654-7745

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