【Everyday】Be a Samurai with Real Japanese Katana


Wear Iaido outfit, see Musou Shinden Style Katana(movement) demonstration and Tameshi Giri(Tatami cutting) performance, then learn how to master the basic Iaido Kata and experience Tameshi Giri with real japanese Katana.‌


9:30 Meet your guide at Murayama Station‌

9:35 Take a taxi to Iai Shrine‌

9:45 Arrive at Iai Shrine‌

Wear Iaido outfit‌

Katana used for training‌

See Musou Shinden Style Kata(=movement) demonstration‌

Tameshi Giri experience(Once per person)‌

12:00 Take a taxi to Murayama Station‌

12:15 Tour ends at Murayama Station

Tour Avalability Everyday
Tour Duration 9:30 - 12:15
Price 19,000 JPY / person
Size 3 - 16 persons
Sign-up Deadline Bookings accepted up to 7 days prior to date of tour.
Cancellation Policy Up to three days prior, no cancellation fee.
Two days prior: 20%
Day before: 50%
On the day: 100%
Note If the minimum number of participants is not met the event will be cancelled.