Guided Hike & Meditation Hidden Gems in Yamadera

This is an adventure tour where you can hike Urayamadera (Mine no Ura) in the inner part of Yamadera Temple under the guidance of a local guide. It is a hidden spot in Yamagata that has become known in the last few years. You can enjoy the mysterious atmosphere, the scenery of the satoyama, and meditation, and it also has a relaxing effect. ‌‌
As you walk along Mine no Ura, a huge rock surface of the beehive suddenly appears. It is a strange rock and a torii that are often used in the photographs of Mine no Ura (Urayamadera). The wooden torii gate built in the cave matches the surrounding natural rock surface, and you can feel the natural and artificial harmony. ‌‌
The real pleasure of this tour is to immerse yourself in nature, calm your mind and relax. Where there are large rocks, take time to put your hands on the rocks and meditate. In addition, hiking can be a moderate exercise to rest your tired brain and mind. ‌‌
A local guide will accompany you to talk about Urayamadera and Yamadera. For example … Urayamadera is a place where Jikaku Daishi Ennin, who opened the mountain temple, trained here and devised the concept of the current Yama-dera. You can listen to stories about the area that you cannot know by yourself. ‌‌
The advantage of being accompanied by a guide is that travelers can safely see and walk around Urayamadera. The road to Urayama-dera is not well maintained, so it can be dangerous. You can walk with peace of mind and be careful with a guide who is accustomed to walking. ‌

Tour Duration 3 hours
Tour Availability
Pick up Location Fumotoya
Price 5,000JPY (with tax)
What's Included -Local guide
Size 2〜8
Sign-up Deadline 3 days before
Cancellation Policy The cancellation fee will be required in accordance with the policy below.
Up to three days prior, no cancellation fee. Two days prior: 20% Day before: 30% On the day: 100%