We are spreading the charm of Yamagata to Japan and abroad!

DMC Tendo Onsen enhances the unique value of Yamagata creating new tourism and welcomes visitors for a special and an unforgettable experience.


Local optional tour creation project Optional tour
Eco tours to get close and personal with nature
Branding tour of local materials
Sales planning business Creation of regional brand
Regional branding products (Souvenir) development
Joint purchase
Human resource development & dispatching business Conduct various seminars
Conduct study sessions to improve language skills
Human resources exchange with other DMOs/ DMCs
Systems construction business Web sales system, general construction
System platform upgrade
MICE/ Inbound operation Accommodation reservation liaison
Land operator function
Excursion correspondence
Multilingualization of local restaurants
Spread information, consulting business Construction of a new web strategy related to tourism promotion
Website creation/ posting information
Outbound project Planning and implementation of various trips
Creating two-way customer traffic


Company Name Tendo Onsen DMC Inc.
Location 1-3-38, Kamata honcho, Tendo, Yamagata, Japan
Phone Number 023-654-6699
Executive Officer Atsushi Yamaguchi President & CEO
Go Ito Managing Executive Officer
Yuji Yamaguchi Managing Executive Officer
Shigeru Oshino Executive Officer
Tsukasa Yamaguchi Executive Officer
Kazuya Takahashi Executive Officer
Fumie Shibuya Executive Officer
Masashi Sugita Executive Officer
Keita Matsumoto Executive Officer