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In less than an hour's drive from Tendo Onsen, you can access tourist attractions such as Yamadera (15 minutes), Ginzan Onsen (60 minutes) and Zao (50 minutes), all of which offer nature-rich landscapes. On this page, we will introduce you to some of the most popular tourist attractions, as well as some lesser-known but recommended by locals.

Map of the area around Tendo Station

The area around Tendo Station is not only a hot spring resort, but also a restaurant district. Why not take a tour around the city?

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List of tourist spots

  • Weeping cherry trees on the Kuratsu River
    1.4 km in total length!

    Weeping cherry trees on the Kuratsu River

    Kuratsu River is a well-known cherry blossom viewing spot in Tendo, which is at its best in mid-April every year. It is also a cherry viewing spot that can be accessed by strolling from each of the Tendo Onsen ryokan. During the blooming season, the river is lit up for approximately 750m and you can also enjoy watching the beautiful cherry blossoms at night! Wear a yukata and take photos with the cherry blossoms. Have a springtime moment like that!

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  • Maizuruyama / Tendo Park
    Human Shogi stage

    Maizuruyama / Tendo Park

    Maizuruyama (Mt. Maizuru) is located almost in the centre of Tendo City. In spring, 2000 cherry trees bloom and it is the venue for the Tendo Cherry Blossom Festival 'Ningen Shogi ('Human Shogi')'. It also has a BBQ square and is a place of recreation not only for tourists but also for local residents. The area around Atago Swamp at the foot of the mountain is equipped with a promenade and is ideal for walks. Best time to see cherry blossoms in a typical year: mid- to late-April.

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  • Mt. Hoju Rissyaku Temple/ Yamadera
    A place where the spiritual culture of Yamagata can be felt

    Mt. Hoju Rissyaku Temple/ Yamadera

    Mt. Hoju Risshaku Temple (Hojuzan Risshakuji) is the official name. This Tendai sect temple is said to have been built by Jikaku Daishi Ennin in the Heian period on the orders of Emperor Seiwa. The natural landscape, the temples and the town in front of the temple are all part of the temple complex, with the mountain surface covered with strange rocks and stones that have been eroded over the years and the more than 1,000 stone steps surrounded by dense foliage.

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  • Autumn colours at Onsen Shrine
    Stunning autumn foliage in the Tendo Onsen district

    Autumn colours at Onsen Shrine

    The autumn foliage around Tendo is usually at its best from early November. The autumn foliage at Onsen Shrine in the Onsen district is one of the best-kept secrets. The contrast between red and yellow is exquisite, and the spot attracts photographers from all over! The office of the Tendo Onsen Cooperative Association is located next door, so be sure to collect information on Tendo there!

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  • Yamagata Prefectural General Sports Park / Ginkgo boulevard
    Yamagata's autumn foliage hotspots on SNS

    Yamagata Prefectural General Sports Park / Ginkgo boulevard

    The ginkgo trees in the sports park have become a hot topic on social networking sites for recent years. Located along National Highway 13, it is very accessible by car. The best time to see the colouring is usually from late October to early November.

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  • Minenoura / Tarumizu Remains
    This is where Yamadera began...

    Minenoura / Tarumizu Remains

    Yamagata's most famous tourist attraction is Yamadera. But did you know that there is an area further into the mountains called 'Urayamadera'? Actually, Urayamadera is a common name, and the official name is Mine-no-ura.

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  • Jakusho Temple / Wakamatsu Kannon
    For your wish for a good marriage

    Jakusho Temple / Wakamatsu Kannon

    Mt. Reiryu Jakusyo Temple is a sacred site founded by Gyoki Bodhisattva in the Nara period (1300 years ago). The temple is famous as a temple of match-making and has been visited by some celebrities. It is also known for blessings of a good marriage if you shake hands with the abbot.

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  • Hiroshige Museum
    Ukiyo-e gives a sense of the lifestyle of the time.

    Hiroshige Museum

    This museum is dedicated to the late-Edo period ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige, known for his work 'Mt. Reiryu Jakusho Temple', 'Tokaido Gojyusantsugu' (The Fifty-three Stages of the Tokaido). The exhibition changes monthly with a different theme. Visitors can get a glimpse of the lifestyle of the time through ukiyo-e. *The museum is currently closed.

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  • Ohsyo Fruits Farm
    Year-round fruit picking

    Ohsyo Fruits Farm

    Ohsyo Fruits Farm is the largest orchard in the Tendo area. It has a café and designer shop, and its parfaits using cherries, peaches and grapes are very popular. It also offers a wide range of original products and is actively involved in the sixth industry.

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