Accommodation as a base for your Yamagata and south Tohoku trip

Tendo, an area where all your accommodation needs can be met. Each accommodation with its unique touch and regional flavor we are confident to offer you a comfortable space matched to your needs. By staying here, your connection to Yamagata, its people and culture will deepen and sure to be an experience to remember. Also soak in the hot springs and let the mother earth heal your fatigue and gain new vitality for tomorrow.


Clear and colorless, heartwarming, gentle to the body and a hot spring to make you dazzle

The hot spring was opened in 1886. At the time the whole area was paddy fields and the hot spring was found when digging for a well, intended for agricultural use. Originally the hot spring was known as Kamata Onsen from the name of the area, Kamatahara. But in 1924 the town was renamed to Tendo city and the hot spring name also changed accordingly to Tendo Onsen. Many hotels and restaurants utilizing the hot spring were developed and by 1911 a high temperature hot spring was found which became widely renowned. Tendo Onsen cooperative was established and thanks to the efforts and wisdom of its predecessors such as the joint management of the Onsen, the hot spring is enjoyed and protected to this day. Not only beneficial for bathing, the hot spring of Tendo is also renowned as it is beneficial when drank.

The effects of Hot Spring

Spring quality Sodium calcium sulfate hot spring
Bathing beneficial for arteriosclerosis, cuts and burns, chronic dermatitis, neuralgia, arthralgia, Raynaud’s phenomenon (poor circulation), chronic digestive organs disease, fatigue etc.
Drinking beneficial for diabetes, cholelithiasis, constipation, adiposity, gout