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To ensure that all people enjoy Tendo Onsen

In the area centred on Tendo Onsen, we are striving to create a region where everyone, regardless of age, disability, etc., can enjoy hot spring trips without any concern, both domestically and internationally.
Since 2021, we have been making step by step progress in both tangible and intangible aspects!

Universal tourism in Tendo Onsen

Some inns and tourist facilities are being renovated to universal design in order to make the infrastructure more accessible to all.
A transport network linking Tendo Onsen with the surrounding tourist attractions will be developed and operate with wheelchair-accessible vehicles.
We will also make the local tours organised by TENDO DAYS more accessible to everyone.
We are also working with the local care providers to improve the intangible aspects through a system for safe bathing in the hot springs and the training of our staff.

For more information on the initiative and other new updates, see the article below.

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