The locals' Secret Guide
The Raw Yamagata Experience


ABOUTBorn and raised in
our hometown of Tendo, we work with
the local community to bring you tours that are unique to Yamagata.

  • POINT1A fresh journey, starting from Tendo Onsen

    Starting from Tendo Onsen, which is easily accessible to anywhere in Yamagata Prefecture, we plan fresh and alive tours that allow you to experience the charm of Yamagata.

    Unique tours in Yamagata starting from Tendo Onsen
  • POINT2Deep and new journeys in partnership with the community

    We are committed to connecting with local people and creating new local experiences that have never been seen before.

    Yamagata's charming people
  • POINT3A safe trip to a Onsen destination that everyone can enjoy

    We are working step by step to develop our Onsen resort into a place where all people, regardless of age, nationality or disability, can enjoy it in comfort.

    Universal tourism initiatives


Food you can enjoy freely
And Tendo onsen with soft spring water

Tendo Onsen has developed as a hot spring resort for people from all over the prefecture since it sprung up from the rice fields in 1911. Tendo Onsen is easily accessible from all directions, making it an ideal base for excursions. It is also one of the few hot spring resorts in the prefecture that is located in a town, with many restaurants lined up around it, so you can enjoy a wide variety of food. We hope you enjoy Yamagata's food and nature as well as the soft warmth of Tendo Onsen's unique hot spring water, which is easy for anyone to enjoy.

Map of Tendo city