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Special feature on how to enjoy and spend time in Ginzan Onsen for participants of Ginzan Onsen Twilight Trip 2023-2024

Special feature on how to enjoy and spend time in Ginzan Onsen for participants of Ginzan Onsen Twilight Trip 2023-2024

On this page, we will introduce some of the things to do and places to visit in Ginzan Onsen!

Ginzan Onsen is one of the most popular hot spring resorts in Yamagata, visited by travelers from all over the world.

In this tour, you will stay in Ginzan Onsen for about 80 minutes.

We will introduce information on stores and how to spend your time so that you can spend your time efficiently within this time.

Please take a look at it as a reference.


After leaving Tendo Onsen, the bus will head for a ryokan called Ginzanso in Ginzan Onsen.

It takes about one hour from Tendo Onsen to Ginzanso.

Get off the bus in front of the entrance of Ginzanso.

You will walk for about 5 minutes from Ginzanso to Ginzan Onsen town.

Once you arrive at Ginzan Onsen town, you are free to walk around.

You should return to the bus at 6:10pm.

You will take the bus from in front of the entrance of Ginzanso back to Tendo Onsen.

We are able to do this with the special permission of Ginzanso. Normally, you would have to transfer to a shuttle bus at the Taisho Romankan, which is much farther away.

Please say thank you from the bottom of your heart to Ginzanso.

However, if there is a lot of snow or heavy snowfall, you may need to transfer at Taisho Romankan. We will respond flexibly, so please cooperate in such cases.

About Length of Stay

We are often asked the question, “Is this all the time we stay?”

The answer is “because the hot spring resort is extremely cold” and “because it is a compact hot spring resort.

In the middle of winter (January to February) when snow falls, it is very cold and it is difficult to stay outside all the time.

You may ask yourself, “Why don’t I just go into a store or a café? but the reality is that there is no guarantee that you will be able to enter a store and reliably keep warm during the crowded winter months.

The compactness of the spa town allows you to tour it from one end to the other in about 15 minutes.

This is enough time to see the area in about 80 minutes, and if you stay for a long time and have no choice but to stay outside, you may get sick.

How to spend your stay

Enjoy taking pictures of the beautiful Ginzan Onsen Hot Spring Resort.

If it becomes too cold to bear, please adjust yourself by entering a café or souvenir shop.

You may also take photos of the changing scenery of Ginzan Onsen as the sun sets!

Next, here are some stores you can stop by during your stay.

Please note that all of them are closed on certain days. They may also close early depending on the amount of snowfall or snow accumulation.

1.Nogawa to-fu

One of the specialty foods in Ginzan Onsen Town is “Yudofu” or “Nama-age”.

Nama-age” is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, with a sweet and sour flavor that will warm you up after a long cold day!

Close: When they sell out.
Regular closing day: non-scheduled holiday


It is most often used by day-trippers as a café and dining place.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is retro, and from the window of a seat on the second floor, you can see the hot spring resort.

Obanazawa City, where Ginzan Onsen is located, is famous for soba (buckwheat noodles). Sweets using buckwheat are also available, and are recommended to fill up your stomach.

Close: 〜19:00
Regular closing day: Wednesday


Specializing in takeout, it offers sweets and drinks.

You can even purchase some Yamagata souvenirs.

We also have a wide selection of hot drinks, so stop by if you are craving something warm.

Close: 〜18:00
Regular closing day: Wednesday・Thursday


This café/bar is located in Ginzan Onsen.

You can enjoy a panoramic view of the hot spring resort from the second floor window.

It has a wide variety of drinks on the menu, so if available, it is recommended!

Close: 〜18:00(L.O. 17:30)
Regular closing day: Monday・Tuesday


This souvenir shop is located in the hot spring resort area and mainly sells miscellaneous goods.

You may find some cute retro souvenirs at these souvenir shops, so it may be fun to stop by and look for them!

Close: 〜18:30
Regular closing day: non-scheduled holiday

6.Yagihashi shop

This store sells mainly local sake and other souvenirs.

They will recommend the best local sake for each traveler. You can also buy sake and drink it to warm up!

Close: 〜18:30
Regular closing day: Thursday


Shirogane is a restaurant that is open late into the night, which is appreciated.

Located at the far end of the hot spring resort area, the restaurant offers set menus using local ingredients in a relaxed atmosphere of an old private home.

There is also a take-out menu, but in the middle of winter, it is better to eat in the restaurant.

Close: 〜22:00(L.O. 21:30)
Regular closing day: 12/19.20|1/23.24|2/27.28

About Restrooms

There are public restrooms at the far end of the hot spring resort area, so please use those.

Alternatively, you may borrow a restroom when using a café or other store.

After returning to Tendo Onsen

Please return to your respective lodgings and enjoy the hot springs and dinner.

If you are staying with us for one night with breakfast, we highly recommend dining in the Tendo Onsen Yatai Mura “To Yokocho” as well as the rest of the Onsen district.

Please fully enjoy the fantastic view of snow, hot spring town and gas lamps. Take care then!

Last but not least, we would be very happy if you could comment on your impressions of this tour and your stay in Ginzan Onsen and Tendo Onsen!
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