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Charis, a pub for recreational eating and drinking

Charis, a pub for recreational eating and drinking

Variety of dishes, from regular set menus to Asian cuisine

Another great place to have lunch in the Tendo Onsen resort! Asian restaurant popular with the locals. Great daily lunch specials, including a brown stew rice gratin, oyakodon (chicken and egg bowl), and more!

Particularly recommended is the not-so-hidden secret menu item, Yu Lin Chi (Chinese Fried Chicken with special sauce) Set Meal. The juicy chicken meat comes with an insanely tasty spring onion and soy sauce-based sauce. The amount of fried chicken and rice is also very generous, filling your stomach up.

Just by looking at the menu, you’ll get your appetite whetted with a list of mouth-watering options like Green Curry, Gapao Rice and many more!

There is also counter seating and a small area. It’s a place with a homely atmosphere where you can drop in with friends,family or even on your own on a work day!

They’re open in the evenings too, so if you’re in the mood for some Asian food and drinks, then this is the place to be!

Address 2-4-29, Kamata Honcho, Tendo, Yamagata 994-0025, Japan
Opening hours Mon-Sun 11:00am-02:00pm | 05:00pm-10:00pm
Regular closing day Thursday
TEL 023-666-5211

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